I'm a Director and Editor from Dorset, England who specializes in commercials and music videos. I’ve crafted energetic ads for President Biden and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, as well as race-winning visuals for political newcomers Senator John Fetterman and Congressman Maxwell Frost.

For a busy single parent working as a painter and decorator, my mum always had a beastly DVD collection. I’d spent countless late nights watching these hidden gems, before I knew Directing could even be a job. Later, my friends and I would try to recreate what we’d seen on screen, cutting homemade clips for hours on Windows Movie Maker until our laptops would overheat.

While growing up in a small town to a working class family never made it easy to break into film, it did guide me towards finding fresh ways to create inclusive political content. Combine that with the influence of DIY filmmaking and music videos of the late 2000s, and I have a small arsenal of skills that can precisely fit any project.

I live in Los Angeles and pass the days with my dog Barry, who will inherit my motion graphics work when he comes of age. Until then, yes, I can do that as well.



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